Workshop for Journalism Students

These are the five examples of engaging journalism that were shown during today’s meeting:

  1. I Hope So Too: Flash, audio, database
  2. Los Angeles Homicides: database, maps, blog
  3. Tracking US Airways Flight 1549: Flash, animation, graphics
  4. WNYC Radio snow map: SMS + map + voice messages + radio
  5. William and the Windmill: creative video editing

Explore them!


Comments on: "Links to today’s examples" (2)

  1. […] Sometimes I’m bored if I must read long text of news. Not only read, sometimes I’m bored to write long text. Writing isn’t my hobby yet (hope someday I can find my soul in write! ).  I heard good news when Prof. Mindy said that in the workshop we didn’t need long text. We only needed to make news become something attractive (in new media, of course). She shared to us how to engage people. Points’re invite them in, give them option, let them explore, listen, use what they tell you, and encourage them to share. She gave us some examples. (see the examples here) […]

  2. Chacha said:

    I didn’t attend your workshop last week, then I found this blog. I never thought that journalism can be this amazing, can’t wait to learn from you.. And be patient with us especially Me :p My english is not good enough..

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