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Adobe Flash and ActionScript 3

If you enjoyed the basic Flash lesson in our workshop today, you might like to play with some ActionScript.

Here is the page I showed at the end of the class, dengan bintang kecil and Flash buttons:

Flash Basics: ActionScript 3.0


Links to today’s examples

These are the five examples of engaging journalism that were shown during today’s meeting:

  1. I Hope So Too: Flash, audio, database
  2. Los Angeles Homicides: database, maps, blog
  3. Tracking US Airways Flight 1549: Flash, animation, graphics
  4. WNYC Radio snow map: SMS + map + voice messages + radio
  5. William and the Windmill: creative video editing

Explore them!

Software list for the workshop

The following software will be used in the workshop. Please download and install it on your own computer. The software will also be available for your use on the lab computers.

  1. Audio editing: Audacity (read instructions in this tutorial so that you install it properly — the link to the download page is in the tutorial also). NOTE that you must download the LAME encoder and follow the instructions for installing it. There are SIX STEPS on page 1 of the tutorial. FOLLOW THE STEPS.
  2. Slideshows: Soundslides (download)
  3. Video editing: If you have Windows 7, install Windows Live Movie Maker (WLMM); if you have an older version of Windows, you should already have Windows Movie Maker (WMM). If you have a MacBook, get iMovie 09 or iMovie 11.
  4. Photo editing: Adobe Photoshop version CS 4 or later
  5. Animation: Adobe Flash version CS 4 or later

Before installing new software on a WIndows computer, you should ALWAYS first run the Windows update program and install ALL the security updates and Service Pack updates. If you do not do it, you are very likely to experience problems caused by Windows after you install new software.