Workshop for Journalism Students

The Participants

This is the list of the students who participate in this workshop

Group 1
Nadhira Rizki
Suci Harlen
Olivia Mayer

Group 2
Lana Syahbani
Dara Azilya
Satria Perdana

Group 3
Tristia Risnawati
Yosie Sesbania Gewap
Yolanda Niagara

Group 4
Puji Maharani
Hera Khaerani
Naluri Bella Wati

Group 5
Aldo Fenalosa
Bayu Arga Ramadhan
Mardika Agung Gede

Group 6
Destyanda Helen
Odelia Sinaga
Meisa Putri


Comments on: "The Participants" (2)

  1. octavadi said:

    Dear participants, what if we put your simple profile in this page? That would be includes: name, profile picture, simple bio, and the reason you join this workshop. The main objective is to make easier for Mindy to recognize and remember each of you. Please give your comment about this idea. Thanks

  2. well it’s a good idea. how we should put our bio? on this comment or send it to email?

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